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Welcome to Salmac Sales. We are a leading supplier of premium Scottish seafood.

We source our products exclusively in the cool clear waters of Scotland and specialise in live, fresh, and frozen shellfish, salmon, and whitefish. Click here to view our products.

Our customer base is diverse, made up of hundreds of processors, wholesalers, smokers and distributors throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

With over 35 years experience and sales offices in Aberdeen and Boulogne in France, our long-established relationships with both producers and customers mean that whatever your requirements, you are in safe hands.

Creels On Harbour

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Live Langoustine

Live Shellfish

Fresh Scallop Packs

Fresh Shellfish

Scottish Salmon Fillet

Farmed Products

Fresh White Fish on wooden board

Fresh White Fish

Creel Fisherman Shallow

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Relationships are really important to us and as one of our partners in supply we will work hard for you, taking care of everything from logistics to pricing, ensuring that your catch finds the best home at great prices.

With Salmac you will gain

  • Access to hundreds of credit insured customers
  • Fast payments
  • Great prices
  • Services tailored to your needs
  • A dedicated seafood consultant

Our friendly and experienced multilingual teams are on hand throughout the day to discuss your requirements and provide support and advice.

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If you are looking for the finest seafood Scotland has to offer, look no further.

Our friendly and experienced teams are on hand from early in the morning to match your requirements with the latest catches, advise on seasonal offers and even discuss the weather and tides!

Our hardy skippers are at sea nearly every day of the year, fishing right round the Scottish coast, ensuring that you receive continuity of supply and the freshest produce our beautiful waters have to offer.

We take sustainability very seriously. All our boats are all day boats, and all our produce is responsibly fished. Each box carries the Salmac brand, signifying that the product meets our high-quality standards, and guaranteeing you full traceability.

Our customers benefit from

  • A wide range of the finest Scottish seafood from daily landings
  • Deliveries up to 7 days a week
  • Services tailored to your needs
  • A dedicated seafood consultant

Come aboard and join us!